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Kerbal Space Program
3D CAD Work
Financial Contributions
Textual Content
Scientific Expertise
Social Media
Art Work

Kerbal Space Program

We really would appreciate anyone with expertise with Kerbal to set up a version or versions of FOLDINGSS on that game. The missions could just be for fun. Or, a hyper-realistic program or models could be used to bolster claims of capability, or to add detail to orbital plans, etc.


3D CAD work (creating display models, etc)

So far, we are working in Wings 3D to model parts of the ship and to generate renderings etc. If you have expertise with this or other 3D software and are willing to donate some time, we would greatly appreciate the help.


Financial Contributions

Well, there is always money. This organization is not conceived as a money making device, but some of the endeavors are requiring actual cash. We hope to raise some of that money through the sale of related merchandise. However, if you would just like to be a patron, we are glad to accept any donation and are glad to add you to our list of patrons.

We don't have any dedicated function for this, at this time, so please email to contribute. Email


Writing and Editing Contributions

It is probably becoming obvious to those of you who are experienced technical writers or science fiction writers that we can use some help. If you have a desire to further the project with your writing skills, please let us know.


Scientific or Engineering Expertise

Most of the original concepts of FOLDINGSS were conceived or collected by an Electrical Engineer. If you have technical skills that can refine, expand upon, or even contradict the ideas contained in FOLDINGSS, please share your thoughts.


Social Media Help

We have ideas of how to publicize FOLDINGSS, but anyone with actual experience with blogs, youtube channels, facebook groups, etc. If you have the interest and time to space, we would be glad to accept your help as well.


Art Work

If you have any artistic capability at all, please lend your skill to our project. These can be realistic space concepts, cartoons, napkin drawings, cad drawings, even a crayon drawing. As you can tell, this site has way too many words and not near enough visual graphic content.


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