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Realistic Games/Simulations

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Web Sites

  1. Atomic Rockets - A huge collection of lots of stuff. It looks pretty good, but some of the science may be old or questionable
  2. Bigelow Aerospace - Makers of inflatable space stations.
  3. SpaceX - Information about Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy, Dragon, Starship, and all the good stuff
  4. NASA scientific and Technical Information



  1. Wikipedia - NDS docking system  
  2. Wikipedia - Bigelow B330 inflatable habitat
  3. Wikipedia - Hohmann transfer orbit
  4. Wikipedia - Bi-elliptic transfer
  5. Wikipedia - Mechanical pressure space suits
  6. More stuff about the proposed B330 inflatable habitat
  7. International docking adapter - from
  8. An individuals map of Delta-V requirements to move around the solar system - from by Ulysse Carion.
  9. An individaul's graphic illustration of gravity wells - from from XKCD
  10. Article about the X3 Ion Thruster - from
  11. An article and video presentation about high power ion thrusters - from
  12. Get your fake meat here
  13. ULA launch vehicle - Delta IV Heavy
  14. ULA launch vehicle - Vulcan Centuar




Alternative Program Concepts


Realistic Games or Simulators

  1. Kerbal Space Program - This is a fun game that can get quite technical, use the imagined solar system or get a copy of ours.
  2. Universe Sandbox - Play with the universe.


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